Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Who are GoWaters swim school?

We are a small group of International swim teachers. Chris and Michelle (Both from the UK) are joint owners. See the website for more background information on our current teachers.

2 - Who is SportsAdmin?

SportsAdmin is a third party booking service that we subscribe to. After deciding which course you would like to book, you are directed to SportsAdmin for your payment. They take care of your transaction via there Qvickly payment system.

3 - Why is SportsAdmin only available in Swedish?

Unfortunately, SportsAdmin is currently only available in Swedish. They are however looking into providing this service in English.

4 - If I book with you can I spread the cost of the course fee?

Yes, for an additional small
fee via SportsAdmin, you have the opportunity to spread the cost of the course fees.

5 - Why am I charged a registration fee?

You are charged a one off course administration fee (currently 59 sek) from SportsAdmin everytime you book a course with us. This fee helps us to provide you
with an efficient and effective secure payment system. It also allows you to spread the cost of the course fees.

6 - Which languages do you teach in?

Unfortunately, our current courses are only taught in English. We will advertise Swedish/English courses when we have a team available.

7 - Which locations do you teach at?

We are currently teaching at Åbybadet, Askim Simhall and Streteredsbadet, however these can change throughout the years. We always update this on our website.

8 - I have a pool at home. Can you provide private lessons in my home?

Unfortunately we currently do not offer this service.

9 - Is there parking available at your current locations?

Yes, Åbybadet and Askim are chargeable, however there is free parking at Streteredsbadet.

10 - I would like to enrol in a swimming course. How do I do this?

All bookings are made via our website. Once you click on the class that you want to book, you will be directed onto SportsAdmin. Choose the course that you want and follow the payment options and instructions. Course and Payment confirmation will be activated once the transaction is complete.

11 - What are all the fees that I may incur when partaking in a swim course with GoWaters?

GoWaters – Course fees vary from a 4 week block 1600 sek – 3500 sek Child 14 weeks. SportsAdmin one off course payment – 59 sek.
Pool entry fees vary from Free – 70 Sek for an adult, however prices vary, some pools have a fee for entry and others do not charge. See Entry fees below for more info.

12 - What is the cost of the pool entry fee?



  • Åbybadet has an allocated till for swimming lessons (till farthest to the left of the entrance). Please do not queue in the general public line, which can be very long.
  • Children’s admission (under 16’s) – Weekly entrance fee is 55 sek, however parents wanting to help their children change and watching the lesson on poolside can purchase a Card for 40 sek which will cover them for the whole 14 week course.
  • Pre-loaded Bracelets (100 sek one off payment for the band) for 14 weeks can be purchased for an upfront cost of 642 sek.

Askim simhall

  • Weekly entrance fee for (0-11 yrs) – free. Children (12-16yrs) – 40 sek. A 10 times pre-loaded band (50 sek for band and valid for 1 year) can be purchased for 360 sek or a child monthly pass can be purchased for 230 sek (Unlimited swim, when open for general swim in any Goteborg pool).


  • No admission fee.


  • Åbybadet has an allocated till for swimming lessons (till farthest to the left of the entrance). Please do not queue in the general public line, which can be very long.Adult admission (16+) entrance fee is 70 sek, Pre-loaded bracelets (100 sek, one off payment) 14 weeks can be purchased for 817 sek.

Askim simhall

  • Adult admission (16+) entrance fee is 70 sek, Pensioners/students 55 sek.
  • Adult Pre-loaded bracelets (50 sek one off payment) 10 times (Valid for 1 year) canbe purchased for 630 sek or 20 weeks for 1120 sek.
  • Pensioner/Student 10 times (valid for 1 year) 495 sek, please check with the pool for 20 times pass.
  • Adult monthly swim pass 390 sek / 310 sek pensioner/student.


  • No admission fee.

13 - Why am I charged for pool entry?

Unfortunately GoWaters has no control over the individual pool entry fees/policy, these are dependent on the pool and they require all of our swimmers to pay for entry on every visit. Discounts on bands are available, see FAQ “What is the cost of Pool entry”.

14 - Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we currently offer private lessons. They will be advertised if available. Contact Michelle on 0739040737 for more information or to go on the waiting list.

15 - I have a group of friends that want to be in the same lesson, can you accommodate us and can you offer a discount?

Possibly, contact us directly and we will do our best toaccommodate you.

16 - Why are there no classes advertised at present?

If there are no classes advertised on our website, it could mean that all of our courses have started. You can however place yourself on a reserve list for this class via sportsadmin. A spot may become available.

17 - A course has already started, can I still join?

Yes, if the course is still advertised. We will deduct the missed lessons from the course fee. However, once we have reached week 3, we will not take new students as they will have missed a significant amount of the course.

18 - What is the reserve list and how does it work?

If a class is full, you are able to add yourself onto the reserve list. If a place becomes available, those on the reserve list will automatically join the course.

19 - All of your lessons are full. Why can't you put on another course?

We would love additional pool time, to allow us to provide additional courses. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get pool time. We are bound by Göteborg Stad and Mölndal Stad.

20 - When will the next course start?

Our courses usually start in Aug/Sep and Jan – Apr. Please check the website for up to date course information.

21 - Last term I swam on a Monday, now courses are not available on Mondays, why did you change the day?

We are bound by Göteborg and Mölndal Stad who allocate our pool time. Unfortunately we do not get to choose.

22 - I saw a course advertised, now it has disappeared, why has it disappeared?

The course may now be full. Therefore no longer advertised. The course has started and we have closed the course for new participants. Or we may have been offered new pool time, for example Family splash session, but havent had enough interest to warrant going ahead with the course.

23 - What is the swimmer to teacher ratio?

We usually have a maximum of 8 swimmers to 2 teachers.

24 - What will I need for my first lesson?

There are many ways to prepare for your first lesson, for example by purchasing a well fitting swimsuit, goggles and swim hat. Visiting the pool beforehand to familiarise yourself and or your child with the surroundings is also a good idea. Before the start of each course we provide information to help answer questions that you might have.

25 - My child is cold in the water, and sometimes wants to get out early, what can I do?

A well fitted wetsuit (Shortie) can help your child stay warm. inform the teacher if your child has expressed this to you. It is our job to manage this.

26 - I see that you recommend well fitting goggles, why is that?

When learning to swim, it can be difficult and overwhelming. Well fitting goggles allows the swimmer to see underwater and prevents the irritation of chlorine on the eyes. However, goggles are not a necessity. Swedish awards must be performed without the wearing of goggles up until children can swim 10 metres (Pingvin Gul).

27 - I have missed a few group lessons due to illness, what are my options?

Unfortunately if you miss a lesson due to short term illness, we do not reimburse you for this. However, we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability, usually by offering an alternative class.

28 - If I have any concerns regarding my lessons, what can I do?

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate in contacting Chris and Michelle. We will do our best to resolve it. Contact information is readily available on the website.

29 - What are your terms and conditions?

Please see our website for our full list of our terms and conditions.

30 - Can I still swim if I am menstruating?

Yes, you can use a Menstrual Cup or Tampon. Both products are very effective and safe to use whilst swimming.

31 - How do I receive information from Gowaters?

We correspond using emails, these are compiled through our Sportsadmin system to our swimmers. Please ensure that you save the sportsadmin email address ( so our emails no do not appear in your Junk mail.