Reviews from previous customers

GoWaters swim school

“I took swimming lessons from Chris at Lundbybadet and I was a complete beginner. Chris is an excellent instructor who helps you to learn step by step and at the same time getting to a good level of swimming in quite a short time. I was very lucky to have Chris because he worked on two important things from the very beginning. Removing fear of water from my mind and building my muscles memory so that my legs and arms always made the right strokes in a synchronized way.

On top of that he is really an easy going and open person with great communication skills. So I did not feel any student-teacher relationship but rather friend-friend which made the course really joyful.

I would highly recommend any beginner or even intermediate level swimming students to take lessons from Chris because he will not only correct some basic mistakes but also can optimize your technique to turn you into an expert swimmer.”

Rizwan, Göteborg