Adult Swim Course

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We offer high quality lessons which are stroke technique focused and taught by fully-qualified instructors.

Our adult swimming lessons will enable you to challenge yourself, and with our support and goal-oriented training, you will learn how to swim.

Although our training is intense, we can assure you that it is also both enjoyable and rewarding. We focus on swimming techniques, breaking each stroke into manageable steps. This allows you to really focus on one aspect of the stroke at a time, making it easier for you to learn. With safety as the priority at all times, we can help those of you who are afraid of the water to overcome your fear.


Level 1

From age 16+

This adult swimming class for beginners is available for anyone who is 16 years and above, who wants to learn to swim. No prerequisite is necessary, so it is no problem if you have never been swimming before. We can start from the very beginning and help you to get to the level you aspire to.

This swimming class is designed to help develop your confidence in the water and to learn how to breathe, glide and float. We begin to teach you the foundations of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke as well as aquatic skills, helping you to maximise your water confidence.

Goal: To be able to swim up to 5 m without any floats.

Prerequisite: None.

Level 2


For those who have started to build the foundations of floating, breathing, pushing and gliding through the water. You should have a basic understanding of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and be able to swim 10 meters.

This swimming class is designed to improve your water confidence and to develop your stroke. We will also teach you aquatic skills such as surface diving and treading water. These skills all help towards improving your water confidence.

Goal: To be able to swim at 25 meters.

Prerequisite: Has some water confidence, and must be able to swim 10 meters.

Level 3


This course is for those who can already swim and want to continue to build on their technique, stamina and learn new strokes. You will continue to learn front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

We will break the strokes into manageable components to maximise your learning. These lessons are challenging, but extremely fun at the same time. We will also teach diving, treading water and other aquatic techniques, helping you to improve your water confidence.

Goal: To be able to swim 50 meters.

Prerequisite: Mostly water confident, and must be able to swim 25 meters.

Level 4


This is our most advanced course and is for those that are competent in front crawl, backstroke or breaststroke, but need to critique their stroke or learn an entire new stroke. In this course we focus in great detail on every aspect of each stroke, aiming to achieve fluidity through the water.

Our qualified instructors will analyse every element of each stroke, assessing the timing of the breathing, arm movements, leg kick and glide, providing you with personalised feedback. We also teach diving, competitive turns, surface dives, treading water and other fun aquatic techniques.

Goal: To be able to swim confidently. To have learnt a new stroke and acquired additional aquatic skills.

Pre-requisite: Confident in the water and must able to swim 50 -100 meters.